Sunday, July 15, 2012


These are a few things I have done over the past few months.

Baby shower cupcakes (for a boy).

Baby shower cake (for a girl :)

A t-shirt I love but never ever wear...that went from this...

To this...

Made with just these

And this

And this!

The t-shirt bag I found how to make from this youtube video

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pizza or cheese?

Saturday Isaac and I were doing some grocery shopping and were talking about dinner. He wanted something very very cheesy and I wanted pizza.

We decided on, and created this monstrosity!

It was a simple 30 minute ordeal with a can of Pillsbury pizza dough, about a cup (maybe a cup and a half) of ricotta cheese mixed with WAY TOO much shredded mozzarella, Parmesan an egg and herb seasonings. Oh, and some four cheese pasta sauce to remind us that we were making a pizza. We baked it and then put more mozzarella on top and baked it some more. 

Holy shmoly! 

It was incredibly cheesy delicious but next time(if we ever dare again) we're going to broil it so the cheesy goodness gets a nice little crunch on top. 

Talk about a weekend splurge!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catching up

So it has been an unreasonably long time since my last post! I hit my second trimester and just went nuts with all the energy I HAD. 
With doctor appointments for myself and Isaac and summer starting up, school and so many other things, blogging was placed on the back burner. Well, NO MORE.

I'm currently in my 28th week of pregnancy and definitely slowing down because of lack of energy and I just can't be doing as much as I had done a few weeks ago. It's a little hard to handle but a healthy mama and baby are absolutely worth it. :)

I have avoided the baby bump pictures for as long as possible and the requests kept coming. Guilt finally overcame me and I know that one day I would like to look back and say "That was when I was pregnant with Gabriel!", so I took a quick photo this morning for all to see!

I will try to get a better photo with Isaac as well. That will definitely be a keeper.

The discomforts of the third trimester are setting in, but that's all they are...discomfort. My lower back has been aching something fierce and my feet are beginning to swell now and then and achy hips and difficulty bending over have become a constant. On those bad days I make my way to the pool and savor each moment of blissful "water therapy".
Through all of this, I'm so incredibly grateful for mine and baby Gabriel's health!

Lucky is doing great and is so spoiled with all the play time with "daddy".

He has been very attentive to him, seeing my discomfort and helping out with walking Lucky also taking him out and playing fetch until he drops. A tired dog is a very very good dog!
What a fantastic husband I have!!

Isaac has managed to still work out almost every day, pushing through his knee pain and general discomfort. He is going to have surgery to remove the torn miniscus and is working on scheduling a date. He also is continuing with his school classes/pre reqs for the nursing program so he's been very busy these past months.

We've been rearranging our home for our future addition and I think I may have hit the nesting phase because I can't seem to stop finding something to deep clean or completely reorganize and even throw away. 

Isaac and I after sunset paddling :)
With all that we are all happy healthy and continually blessed by God.