Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dresser no More

We were tired of our make shift entertainment center. It got the job done but was very bulky and Captain Destructo was able to get into everything. So, we sold it and found ourselves a really awesome dresser for pennies. Then we got to work :)
This was functional but way to low for the little man(talk about killing your eyes!) and the shelves on either side was too tempting for him.

Um, the back of our sweet find...

There's the front!

My men working to dismantle so we may begin :)

And the finished product! (our t.v. looks so much smaller now!)
Life became quite busy and this was done over two weekends so I wasn't staying on top of things and taking pictures...whoopsie.

We took out the top two drawers, bought a piece of wood from Lowes, cut it to fit, painted it and voila...shelves! We also removed the back piece, drilled holes for the cords, painted that as well and slapped it back on once the last coat of sealant was dry. We also kept the original hardware.

This to That

Our only bedroom furniture was a mattress, box spring and one little night stand. It was time for something to put clothes in cause you can't hang underwear!
I found this on Craig's list for a screaming deal and it was new...that means NEVER used. Woot woot!
One day I decided it needed some life to it so we decided to give it a face lift. We bought some, paint, hardware and got to work.

The before dresser....
The little man decided to use the dresser as his drum...

It has flowers painted on the top drawers and flower knobs...not really my style.

Disassembling so we can start painting.

We sanded the whole thing down, but I don't have any pictures of that :)

How's it looking Gabe?


Just letting our last coat of sealant dry before moving it back to the room.

Ta Da! New hard wear, new paint...NEW DRESSER!
I don't have a decent camera so the color doesn't look like its true awesomeness. It's Cafe blue and I'm really loving it!

Here is the night stand but no before picture...sorry.
It's the same color as the dresser! I Swear!

We kept the original hardware for the night stand cause I really loved it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Table top ReDo

It was time. 
This extremely cheap find(that I found almost four years ago) was looking...extremely cheap. We didn't want to dump much money into it but, it really needed a face lift.
After searching the Internet for days and days looking at painting ideas, checking prices at Home Depot and Lowe's, I decided on something...unique? Isaac was pretty excited for this project for now he had a reason to buy cool new tools(that I didn't include in the cost.)

Here goes...

The table. Dun dun dun!

The top was made of putty. Everything and I mean everything put dents in it or scratched paint off.

The supplies for the table top(all purchased at Lowe's): Wood laminate flooring samples(90 of them), Wood glue, shellac, paint brush, sander and rotor.

The husband's new toys!

And now we work! 

Well, he works. :) I watch and maybe go make myself something for lunch.

Looking good! I'm so glad we bought that sander! It took about an hour to sand.

Now that it was nicely sanded we brought it back inside, laid out the flooring pieces...

And started gluing them down.

We clamped the first piece for stability.

And after we glued(quickly) we hammered the rows that seemed off kilter then threw everything heavy we had on the top. The bags are our year books, school books and heavy book series. A very "frugal" way of holding down those glued pieces. ;)

About 20 hours later the able top was looking a little better.

Now to even up the edges and make it purdy.

Not the greatest picture. I was off with the kiddo while this was being done so I didn't get any photos of my sexy man at work. ;)
As you can see he brought the edges of the glued on flooring in further than the original edge, then sanded the edge of the original table top giving it a stacked affect.

 We dragged it back inside(that was getting old) and gave it a nice rub down, shellacked it a few times, sanded it and shellacked it one last time.

The finished product. 

The total cost (not including tools)
Wood glue - already had
90 Wood laminate flooring pieces - $.22 a piece = 19.80
Shellac - $12.80
Paint brushes(2) - $3.48 = $6.96

Total cost, $39.56

Now to reupholster the chairs...