Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dresser no More

We were tired of our make shift entertainment center. It got the job done but was very bulky and Captain Destructo was able to get into everything. So, we sold it and found ourselves a really awesome dresser for pennies. Then we got to work :)
This was functional but way to low for the little man(talk about killing your eyes!) and the shelves on either side was too tempting for him.

Um, the back of our sweet find...

There's the front!

My men working to dismantle so we may begin :)

And the finished product! (our t.v. looks so much smaller now!)
Life became quite busy and this was done over two weekends so I wasn't staying on top of things and taking pictures...whoopsie.

We took out the top two drawers, bought a piece of wood from Lowes, cut it to fit, painted it and voila...shelves! We also removed the back piece, drilled holes for the cords, painted that as well and slapped it back on once the last coat of sealant was dry. We also kept the original hardware.

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Cathy's Chatter said...

You are so very clever!! Cant wait until you come to live here (for a while). Just think of all the clever things you can do for me!!