Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This to That

Our only bedroom furniture was a mattress, box spring and one little night stand. It was time for something to put clothes in cause you can't hang underwear!
I found this on Craig's list for a screaming deal and it was new...that means NEVER used. Woot woot!
One day I decided it needed some life to it so we decided to give it a face lift. We bought some, paint, hardware and got to work.

The before dresser....
The little man decided to use the dresser as his drum...

It has flowers painted on the top drawers and flower knobs...not really my style.

Disassembling so we can start painting.

We sanded the whole thing down, but I don't have any pictures of that :)

How's it looking Gabe?


Just letting our last coat of sealant dry before moving it back to the room.

Ta Da! New hard wear, new paint...NEW DRESSER!
I don't have a decent camera so the color doesn't look like its true awesomeness. It's Cafe blue and I'm really loving it!

Here is the night stand but no before picture...sorry.
It's the same color as the dresser! I Swear!

We kept the original hardware for the night stand cause I really loved it.

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