Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Boy!

So Isaac and I had our regular check up this past Monday and my very first question to the doc was if we could find out the baby's gender. She seemed just as eager as I to find out(I don't know where she gets her enthusiasm doing this over and over, day after day) and because of her diligence, we caught a few glimpses. 
Baby Brennan wasn't being very cooperative! He would move and move but turning back to the same position so we couldn't see anything. The doc finally started to push a little on my uterus to get him squirming more and all he did(in protest I'm sure) was flip over on his stomach(facing my spine as I was laying down) and staying there for a good minute! Holy shmoly if that's not for things to come.... ;)

He looks so cozy! The doc said he kept moving into the farthest corner of my uterus and behind the placenta....time to brush up on my hide and seek skills!

We are so very excited to be having a baby boy and now things seem so much more real as we give him names and I try to visualize his face as a little boy and grown adult. I'm also doing quite a job of worrying myself silly, but that's the momma in me I'm sure!

"Guys, come on!"

When the name has been chosen, we will post ASAP!

Look at that noggin!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been a while

The past few months have been full, exciting and....nauseating. 
Since we are expecting our first,

 I have enjoyed the pleasures of morning(more like ALL DAY) sickness. Thankfully the worst has now past! 
My energy levels have gone back up, almost back to normal and I have an itch to be creative and it's time to get back to blogging.

The end of February Isaac and I had the opportunity to fly back to Phoenix and celebrate the union of Hannah and Luke. Their wedding was so beautiful and time went by much to quickly!
We visited family and friends while there but one reunion I was so looking forward to, did not happen. A storm back east caused the flight to be cancelled (sniff) but most importantly they were safe and sound. 
We love you guys!

The Bride and Groom :)

All the siblings chilling at the reception

My handsome brothers and Husband

The amazingly BEAUTIFUL Bride!

After two weeks of going non-stop we headed back home. Kimera came back to Germany with us and stayed with us for four weeks! It went way to quickly as well and I wish she could have stayed longer. :)

Kimmy and I at a Spring training game in Phoenix

Kimera is enjoying her hot dog/braut in Nuremberg Germany

Trying on our new masks from Italy

Lucky is savoring Kimmy's love...he misses her too!

While she was here we did some traveling in Germany and saved her last weekend for a trip to PARIS! It was a fantastic city with so much to see and do!

Sitting down to try some delicious French cuisine.

The Louvre

Now life goes back to "normal" for Isaac and I.